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Outplacement Booking.com

Outplacement Booking.com

As booking.com has offered you an outplacement budget you might be looking for a reliable and qualified career coach to help you. But, what is it? Outplacement helps you discover which path in the job market is right for you. And, of course, how to get there smoothly. It offers professional guidance for highly educated professionals who are threatened with dismissal and receive an outplacement budget from their employers.

Is there a mutual fit?

Our outplacement adds the most value – for both of us – if you are and require the following?

  • Are you highly educated professional (minimum bachelor working level uptil phd working level) and are you in the spring or summer of your career (a few years after graduation until early 50s)?
  • Are you thinking about making a change in your field of expertise? (this could be a new work field or finding a niche within your expertise)

Proven effectiveness of Outplacement

Research shows that outplacement offers short- and long-term benefits. For example, it has been shown that people who hire an outplacement expert during an outplacement program have a greater chance of finding a new job and a higher salary. (Westaby, 2004). In addition, outplacement increases skills that are important for success in work and careers, such as personal well-being, performance skills, competencies and achieving motivating goals (Van Vianen et al., 2014).

What can you expect at 9 Ways Talent & Career Development?

– Outplacement is tailor made to your needs and that is what you receive. – You will receive solid coaching from a qualified career coach, in which you will see what has hindered you in your work and career so far and how to increase your effectiveness – You will receive a digital workbook with our method – including assignments, personality tests and handouts. More information about the unique method can be read here – We have knowledge of and contacts in financial and business services industry which might help you with a new job.

How would we work together?

– You are welcome for a free intake session (1 hour) to get to know each other and zoom in on your situation and ambitions – Outplacement takes between 7 – 14 sessions of 1.5. hour (often 7 sessions) depending on your goals and situation – You will receive telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp support from a certified career coach.

Schedule an intake session

The first introductory meeting is without any obligation. Here we determine whether there is enough ‘click’ between the two of them to work well together. You can make an appointment by e-mail at tom@9ways.nl or call 0624377099. If I’m coaching, I’ll call you back within 48 hours.