• Discover the work opportunities that Amsterdam has to offer you

    re-focus your career strategy to better fit your talents and interests to actual work opportunities.

  • zoom out and make fully use of reflecting upon an adjusted course

    Transcend the daily hustle and bustle, increase awareness and strengthen your level of competence to become a more senior professional

Challenges highly educated professionals 

Highly educated professionals are amongst the financial top and are confronted with the unique challenges of remaining relevant, energetic and competent. 


  • don’t waste your precious time at a standstill in work but redefine a work purpose that energises
  • Don’t waste your money on random personal development initiatives but discover the patterns that are really blocking you in your career
  • Learn to overcome a burn-out and strengthen resilience and vitality


  • Reduce the loss of productive and unwanted conflicts by helping employees to guid their career
  • Reduce employee turnover and shorten the period of re-integration of sick employees
  • Increased performance of your employees by strengthening their self awareness, level of competence and self management

9 Ways method

Career coaching programs combining profound personal insights with practical results.

Profound personal insights

  • - Insights in the unique personal talents and weaker sides
  • - Insights in personal energy management - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level
  • - Insights in personal patterns that unconsciously obstruct your career progression
  • Insights in the required competencies per function

Sustainable results – change is part of who you are

  • - Insights in your deeper career purpose and the job options within your purpose
  • - A strategic career plan fitted towards your personality
  • - Character development to obtain the skills for the next level of your career
  • - Increasing self management - using the power of self reflection and self observation

9 Ways coaches in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the Dutch coaching association (de ethische gedragscode).

 Client results

The career coaching programs are not secret, although most of our clients build their change discretely. Tangible results are the organisations and jobs where they work currently.

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Ready for change? 

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