Career coaching Amsterdam: for highly educated professionals (up to beginning 40)

Young higher educated people have an enormous drive to find work in which they can excel and make a meaningful contribution. They are often full of dreams and enthusiasm to find such work, but do not always know how to find such a job or accomplish this.

As a result, you may experience:

  • Feeling unfulfilled and coming home tired (and losing the zest life)
  • Stuck in your job and feeling that you’re wasting your talents
  • It may even affect your self-esteem and spill over in other parts of your life

It doesn’t have to continue that way and you can rise to the challenge by starting to

create a job that suits your – perhaps hidden – talents, interests, and actual options on the labourmarket. As a result, you’ll start to feel motivated pursuing a career that is built on your talents, intrinsic motivation and enlarging success by making it realistic.

Many have gone before you, check out here the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile).

In 2-3 months shaping the ideal job, step by step, proven method

Our career coaching programs help you discover your (hidden) potential and how to translate this to the – for you – best job or career on the market. As one of the few coaches we understand the world of psychology – how people work and transform – and the world of business – how to make something tangible and achieve results.

You often have coaches who are either (too) psychological, so things don’t become concrete, or they take action to fast not having enough insight in you and your potential and ambitions.

What are your benefits?

  • Deep insights into yourself. What motivates you, where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Know concrete what profession or job would suit you and are able to formulate your purpose. You get insights into options for your (career) job that are completely in line with you and the labor market. Often you will discover combinations that you would not have thought possible.
  • An implementation plans. We help you with a plan so you can get to your ideal job faster. You waste less time/energy on applying, networking and formulate action points with the highest effect.
  • Personal development. You get insight into the most important levers for your personal and professional growth. Sustainable growth. Step by step.

What are the results of others?

Via outplacement Amsterdam van een succesvolle carrière bij IBM, Intel en Progress naar een eigen sales trainingsbureau? Ontdek het verhaal van Bob. 

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What and where do former clients work?

Event Manager, Consultant Nanotechnology, Account Manager Digital Media, Consultant Circulair Economy, Campus Recruiter, Change Manager, Advisor Renewable Energy, Compliance Consultant & Online Marketeer.