In search of a career coach?

  • You feel stuck in your work. You would like to change this.
  • You would like to find out which job (or mission) would fit best your talents, capacities and ambitions
  • After years of hard work, you think, is this all?  You now want to take the matters in your own hands and ‘conquer’ your spot

What can you expect of career coaching?

  • We will map out your motivation, talents and ambitions
  • You will receive solid coaching, in which you will become more aware of your unique potential and issues that are holding you back in work and career
  • You discover new professional directions and possibilities
  • You strengthen your self-management so that you realise your goals in work and career with greater effectiveness and efficiency
  • You get a well thought out implementation plan to realise your career plan

How does the career coaching look like?

  • Free personal intake (45 minutes)
  • You get 7 sessions of 1.5 hours
  • You will receive assignments, personality tests and additional books and handouts tailored to your situation and learning goals
  • You can choose a combination of on- and offline coaching

We are specialised in highly educated people finding out the job that suits them best and how to get there. Part of this is also strengthening your self awareness and increasing the level of skills, knowledge and attitude to realise your goals. Therefore, we only offer programs to make the changes lasting and part of who you’re.

Would you like to get in touch?

The first meeting is an introductory meeting without obligation. You can send an e-mail to at or by phone at 0624377099 to see how he can help you.

What are the results of other coachees?

Waar clienten nu werken

Event Manager zakelijk eventbureau, Consultant Nanotechnologie, Accountmanager Digitale Media, Consultant Circulaire Economie, Campus Recruiter, Change Manager bedrijfsleven, Adviseur Duurzame Beleggingen, Compliance Consultant & Online Marketeer.